The Rules of Christmas

It’s November 24th and many of you will begin the process of decorating for Christmas. You’ll drag the tree in from the garage and try to remember how in the world the pieces fit together. When you get it set up, you’ll grind your teeth in frustration over the section that refuses to light up….

Fallen Beauty

Green leaves change to red, orange, and gold. A lush tree of summer becomes a multi-faceted flame of fall. The beauty attracts admirers. Scenic drives through the mountains engulf us in the breathtaking beauty of fall. In time the leaves fall to the ground. When the fallen leaves blanket our yard, what do we see?…


I remember exactly where I was (sick in bed with my first pregnancy) sixteen years ago when news of the first tower’s collapse spread. Most people do. So many men and women sacrificed their time, energy, and even their lives rescuing survivors that day and in the following days. We remember such a horrendous day…

Offer an Oreo

Today is National Eat an Oreo Day. I admit I had no idea. We are big fans of Oreos in this family. When we’re feeling a bit adventurous, we try seasonal Oreos. We are always disappointed, though. The original Oreo trumps all other Oreos (except Double Stuff Oreos … maybe). Oreos provide a great memory…

Mirror Image

“We need to leave at 2:05, which means you need to stop what you’re doing at 2:00, gather your things, and put your shoes on,” I instructed before I headed out for much-needed alone time in the form of a walk. At 2:04, one son emerged from the house and dutifully climbed into the van….

Let Down Your Guard

Kaden cautiously entered the dark hallway in a defensive ninja stance (or what he imagined that might look like). His hands were ready to karate chop anything that jumped out at him and his legs were in a permanent crouch. It started out as a joke as we entered the haunted house full of zombies….

No Bonus Features

“This play does not offer bonus features.” A few years ago, my sons and my nieces put on their own nativity play to entertain the family on Christmas Day. As they were bowing to a standing ovation, seven-year-old Hunter announced, “This play does not offer bonus features.” He apparently wanted us to accept the play…