Pueblo Del Rio

Pueblo Del Rio is the village Thomas Road Ministries has adopted. We had the privilege of seeing it firsthand today. One of the families in the village graciously invited us into her home which was provided through the church. To see the difference between the homes the church has built and the mud/tin houses they were living in was humbling.

Knowing how many people in the world do not have access to clean water, it was a joy to see the well with “Not I, But Christ” on the front.

A group from TRBC put in a new playground just last week that the kids in the village were enjoying.



We passed out food bags to the families. To keep the children occuppied, a few of us blew up balloons and handed them out. Unfortunately, one of us (Aaron) also taught the kids how to blow up the balloons and then make them squeal.

20130801-220301.jpgSo many of us brought toys, clothes, crayons, nail polish, etc. to give away. After doing a little program for the children, we handed them out in the church. Nathan was so happy to find a baby that could use the clothes he brought.
After lunch in the village, we made VBS crafts with the children and taught them what the pictures say in English: “Everything is possible with God, Mark 10:27.” They also loved making bead bracelets and necklaces.

Meagan was so overjoyed to meet Zuma. When Meagan came to Guatemala two years ago with TRBC, she had the opportunity to build a house for Zuma’s family. Zuma is blind, but the people of TRBC are working towards getting her surgery to repair her eyes. Meagan spent some quality time with her today.

We rescued a baby from the village today. Jocelyn is one month old and only weighs 6 pounds. A baby of that age is considered malnourished at anything less than 10 pounds. Hope of Life will do their best to help educate the parents in how to better care for their child. There is hope.

Good night from Guatemala.

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