Congealed Eggs, Stale Toast, and Lukewarm Coffee

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When my boys were younger, meals were tricky.  By the time I got their food ready, it seemed like it was time to clean up.  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day (maybe because it always includes coffee or tea).  So when the boys ran off to play, I would get my breakfast ready.  I’m no chef, but I know that food should be served up hot for optimal enjoyment.  Inevitably, right when I had my eggs perfectly scrambled, toast buttered, and coffee steaming…and my mouth had begun to water, I would hear crying.  As any mother of boys will tell you, it’s generally a good idea to wait to make sure the cry continues before taking it too seriously.  Boys are rough and tough.

The cries continued so I raced upstairs to try to take care of the skirmish as quickly as possible before my breakfast cooled.  In the midst of disciplining each brother, my son Hunter (age 5 at the time) asked, “Mom, what is the Trinity?”  At that moment, I was faced with a choice.  I could blow off the question with a quote from the Parent’s Handbook: “How about we talk about that later?” Or I could answer his question now while he was interested.  After a half hour of trying to relate the Trinity to an egg, different hats each person wears (son, brother, child of God), and even a Lego set (hey! I hadn’t had my coffee yet, remember?), Hunter skipped off to play with said Lego set.

I trudged back downstairs and found congealed eggs, stale toast, and lukewarm coffee.  Ugh!  After heating up my coffee (for the first of many times that day) and eating a pop-tart instead of my yummy breakfast, I realized that instead of feeling disappointed about my circumstances, I felt satisfied with the choice I made.

You see, I have plans for the day, the week, the year, my life!  I love to be organized!  But if we look at the life of Jesus, we find a different story.  He entertained seemingly unexpected guests; He didn’t have an itinerary that the disciples could consult on trips; He was peppered with questions at every turn.  He had a plan, but not one the disciples (or anyone else) expected. His life seemed to be full of chaos, but in the midst of that, He taught the most amazing lessons, performed awesome miracles, and touched and healed the sick.

My prayer is that my agenda will not keep me from experiencing the God moments.  I want to pause in the midst of the chaos…even if it means stale toast and lukewarm coffee.

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