2015 Challenge: De-clutter

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I know some people don’t like resolutions. I get it–why set yourself up for failure, right?

However, I like to use the beginning of each new year to develop a new positive habit. 2015 is no different.

While on Pinterest, I found an article on Hometalk called “The One-A-Day/365 Day De-cluttering Experiment–Simplifying Life!”

This article is pure gold! I already love to get rid of stuff. I think I might be the only person who gets excited when a pen runs out. I can finally throw it out and use a new one! (How can I throw something in the trash unless it’s useless?!)

The de-cluttering experiment has two basic rules:

Rule #1 — Each day, I find one item that I no longer need. I am less than two weeks into the challenge so I have been focused on clothing. The beauty is getting rid of one item at a time helps me to be ruthless. I start on one side of my closet and stop as soon as I find something that I don’t like, can’t wear (too small, etc), or haven’t worn in a year or more. Thinking of someone else who can use this item helps me to pull the trigger. (Also, realizing that by the time I lose enough weight to fit into those jeans they’ll be out of style anyway, helps, too.)

Rule #2 — Any newly purchased item should replace something I already own and be necessary. For example, I needed a new jacket. I found one that is water-resistant, lined and hooded. It replaced a plaid casual jacket, a puffy pink jacket that was warm but had a pathetic hood, and a jacket with a great hood that wasn’t very warm. (One of said jackets was 20 years old! The youngest was 5 years old.)

At some point this experiment has to get difficult, right? 365 things throughout the year! Plus replacing every purchase! For now, however, I find myself looking forward to what I’m going to give away the next day.

Want to join me?

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